Nina Siren is a bestselling cozy mystery author by day and a twisted, dark science fiction romance author by night. When the family goes to sleep for the night, a dark and intense mood strikes as Nina Siren comes out to play. But as the sun begins to rise, Nina Siren goes back inside. To percolate on the dark and twisted stories that will keep you up at night. 

Nina has always been interested in the dark and paranormal as well as science fiction. Join her journey and enter the Siren Lounge!



I was saved from being food. I’m not sure being a toy is much better. 

The Gren have taken over our planet, and I am one of the lucky few protected from being hunted by them. In exchange, I’ve been taken Tribute. It would be better to just label me what I am. 

A body to break. 

But as I am dumped before the aliens intent on using me, there is only one I see. And with the way he’s staring at me, it can only mean one thing…

I’m about to be his.

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